Terminology Extraction Tools Research - Week 2

Continuing on from last week, I am dedicating my time to finding a Terminology extraction tool. I had discussed the possibility of creating such a tool, but we had agreed that is would be better to find an open source tool that did the job due to the time constraints we faced.

Through research I came across various resources on the topic matter. Comparison of tools here (http://michellez1231.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/research-on-terminology-extraction.html) However, most of these tools are not free, and if they do offer a free version there is usually a limit on usage or time. More importantly, most of these tools are not open source.

I continued my research where I came across https://code.google.com/p/extract-tmx-corpus/, this tool was windows only based. Since I used OSX, I took the time to setup a windows VM to test out the program. The program had a very simple UI, however the functionality of the program did not seem to work. The output files were all empty, and there was no terms extracted. After a couple of attempts with different data sets, I gave up and moved on.

I had discussed with my mentor that I was having trouble find a suitable terminology extractor, he mentioned that he will help me out by reaching out to other developers.